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Firm and Comprehensive Representation

We know the criminal justice system in jurisdictions and cities throughout northwest North Carolina. We know the strategies that North Carolina prosecutors use to develop their case. We stand firm to protect your rights at every turn. We never let prosecutors forget that being charged with a criminal offense and being guilty of a crime are often two very different things. Our experience is your best defense.

Whether you have already been charged, or think you will be charged with a crime, we understand that you need help. Contact our office to schedule a consultation. 

We'll figure out what to do to protect your future. We'll discuss how you are going to cover the cost of your defense. Now is not the time to be worried about anything except how to get experienced, knowledgeable legal defense on your side. Together, we'll figure out the rest when we meet.

We Provide Experienced Defense Representation For People Charged With Offenses Such As:
• Felonies and misdemeanors • Drug charges • Assault • Driving While Impaired • Weapons offenses • Bribery and related charges • Prostitution • Arson • Fraud, forgery and related offenses • Robbery and extortion • Sexual Assaults • Burglary • Breaking and Entering • Domestic Violence • Traffic offenses of all types

Contact our criminal defense lawyers' office in Winston-Salem to schedule a consultation with our attorney to discuss the charges you face. Mr. Vrsecky will help you form a strategy to move forward with your life. He has helped many people who are facing your same legal problem. He can help you.

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From simple advice to aggressive representation, you can count on Vrsecky Law Firm to go the extra mile for you. We’re experienced in a wide variety of criminal cases, including:
  • Misdemeanor Punishment Chart 
  • Felony Punishment Chart
  • Advance Parole
If you’re in need of aggressive criminal defense, call 336-747-9800 today!
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